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Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some of the most common questions we have been asked concerning hardware. Although this is not a complete list, and may not answer all the questions you have it does contain some basic need to know info.
Q: My crib is still under warranty, do I get replacement parts from Products America?
A: Most warranties will require you to go back to the original manufacturer of the crib, or the retail store that you purchased it from.  Products America handles replacement parts for cribs that are no longer under warranty.

Q: Does Products America have parts for a “Jenny Lind” crib?
A:Jenny Lind” is actually a style name used by several different manufacturers.  Although we can service most of the U.S. made cribs and cradles, it is very helpful to know who originally made the crib or cradle. “Jenny Lind” is not a manufacturer.

Q: How do I know who made my crib? And/or how old the crib is?
A: Usually, located on the inside of the headboard or footboard there will be a label with the original manufacturers name, date of manufacture and model number.  If this information is not found anywhere on the crib, call us for direct technical assistance.

Q: Since all cribs are the same, why does Products America need to know so much information about my crib?
A: All cribs are not the same. In the interest of safety and to receive the correct parts it is necessary for us to ask specific hardware questions.  You must be with the crib to answer these questions.

Q: How do I know if my crib is a safe crib?
A: Please refer to our safety page for the crib checklist, or call us at (800)205-9642 or (800)772-1041 for direct assistance.  Also check with the CPSC at

Q: I am building a crib, does Products America have complete hardware kits?
A: Yes, we do. There are several hardware configuration options to consider before starting your crib building project.  Please call for assistance or check out our kit page!

Q: I am building a crib and need to know the current mandatory safety standards for full size cribs, does Products America supply that information?
A:  We do offer some general safety guidelines on our safety page, however check with the CPSC at for detailed information.
CALL US AT 800.205.9642 OR 800.772.1041