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Safety Checklist
We here at Products America understand that parental responsibility and common sense is the best advice when using an older crib. Your child’s safety is our primary concern. We would like to bring your attention to the following list of safety concerns. Please review this information and ask yourself if your crib falls into any of the following potential hazards. If so, we recommend not using the crib in it’s current condition.  Our qualified customer service staff is standing by at (800)205-9642 or (800)772-1041 to answer any questions you may have regarding safety, and/or specific concerns about your crib. The information that follows, as well as other safety info, is available at the Consumer Product Safety Commission web site: or call the CPSC at (800)638-2772.     
- Avoid corner posts or finials that are over 1/16” above the end panels of the crib (headboard and footboard), unless they are over 16” high for a canopy. Corner posts can be a strangulation hazard if they get caught on baby’s clothes.  If your crib has these posts, we recommend screwing or sawing them off, sanding, refinishing and blending the surface to the end panel and leg.  See picture.

- Make sure that each baby crib drop side is equipped with double acting release locks, hand or foot activated. (i.e. It takes two actions to get the side to go down or release.) If your crib is missing a release system or part of a release system, we recommend replacing the missing items or the entire release system with a double acting release designed for use on your crib.

- The airspace between two rail (slats or spindles) on any crib side should not measure over 2 3/8” in order to keep little arms legs and heads from getting caught.  If the airspace on your crib side is over this measurement we recommend not using the crib. See picture.

- All machine screws (used to attach crib rods, stabilizing bars, some mattress spring designs, nonmoving sides etc.) need to be checked for tightness.  As a child becomes more active and moves around, the screws have a habit of loosening.  Every now and then check the screw heads for no movement.  All machine screws must screw into inserts (threaded sleeves or barrel nuts designed to receive the thread of the machine screw screwing into it.) If you strip an insert that is beneath the wood surface, you must replace that insert.  Replacement machine screws and inserts are available through Products America.  Please note: Older baby cribs that do not have inserts should be checked for airspace safety (see safety concern above), if the airspace is within current safety standards you must install inserts before you use the crib.
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