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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does Products America sell cribs?
A: No, we do not manufacture or sell complete cribs.  

Q: Does Products America have other types of furniture hardware?
A: Yes, we also carry cradle, highchair, dressing table, toy box hardware and a wide variety of fasteners.

Q: I have plastic hardware on my crib, does Products America have plastic hardware?
A: We do carry several types of plastic hardware.  Not all plastic hardware is the same, and most times not interchangeable.  Please call us at (800)205-9642 or (800)772.1041 for direct assistance.

Q: If my crib does not meet the current mandatory safety standards can I still get hardware from Products America?
A: Absolutely Not. Safety is our primary concern.  Please review our safety info for further information.

Q: What are the current mandatory safety standards?
A: Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission for mandatory safety standards at (800)742-5877 or go to

Q: How do I order from Products America?
A: Call (800)205-9642 or (800)772-1041 for customer service.  We will ask you specific questions concerning the crib, cradle, highchair, etc. After determining what will best meet your needs, you may place the order using American Express, Mastercard, or Visa credit or debit cards over the phone. PayPal is available upon request.  Or, you can mail in the order to us with either a personal check or money order.

Q: How long will it take to get the parts after I place the order?
A: Orders placed with an approved credit card number are released and scheduled to ship within 72 business hours of order placement. Orders mailed in with a money order will be scheduled to ship within 3 business days of order receipt. Orders mailed in with a personal check will be scheduled to ship fourteen business days after order receipt. Depending on method of shipping and destination address, time in transit for all orders will range from one to eight business days.  (International, please call for time in transit.)

Q: Does Products America supply plans for people building cribs?
A:  We do not supply building plans for cribs or any other furniture piece, however we may be able to supply general information if requested.  For plans check here.
CALL US AT 800.205.9642 OR 800.772.1041